Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thing # 10

One of the most, at once, rewarding, fulfilling and exasperating aspects of this Library2Play exercise is the things you stumble upon during the exploration on the creative highway. While looking at one of the suggested links I cam across MyWebFace. I used the product arising from the cartooning of myself as the new Blog avatar. I found this platform much more user friendly than the Yahoo avatar creator, there were far more tweeky tools to play with AND the image I created looks a lot closer to me that my original avatar. Still, the image is mostly wishful thinking. I want to expose my students to use this for their individual blogs not only as reasonably life like, yet non-photographic representations, but I like the creativity/design aptitude nurturing as well. I also toyed with the Comic Strip Creator, but my creation didn't match the image I want my web presence to convey, so I keep it safe from public consumption. At first, I wanted to use it as a way to have kids that are into graphic novels/comics to be able to have an outlet for their compositions, but my experience suggested that I should do some more work with it or look into other means. Earlier, I had given Bitstrips a try. I signed up for a trial subscription, played just enough to get frustrated, and then forgot about it until AFTER the free period ran out! But the creations I have seen using this platform look very promising.

My last few posts have been my experimentation's with some of the applications at ImageChef. My experience with this platform offered what I like most: variety with simplicity. I would use these tools to help students bring their poetry to L I F E !
The post just before this one is a Wordle using this blog. I have used Wordle as a way to introduce a novel, highlight vocabulary in a chapter or unit, and as a way to demonstrate understanding of character traits, setting characteristics, or elements of conflict or plot structure. It is a versatile and super simple tool.

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  1. all of the image generators, comic strips, and other graphic interfaces make learning fun...there are several that would go great with may want to look at aviary (it's not part of L2P...just one I found by accident when digging through web 2.0 even lets you add music for voice!...