Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thing # 12 Part 3 a

EcoVelo-This started out as The Recumbent Blog and was transformed into a blog devoted to commuting by bike. The host is Alan Barnard and posts gorgeous images of not only of bikes but of the view of life from a bike. His images reflect both the true artistry of cycling and his passion for it. As in most of life’s pursuits, there are numerous, competing and sometimes nasty factions. Cycling is no different. We have the racers, the off-roaders, the tandem clan, commuters, the car-less, the car-lite, the recumbent riders and numerous variations, hybrids and on and on. Ecovelo is a great place to learn about a broad array of cycling related issues in a civilized environment. Alan makes a point of regular, topical and interesting posts and thoughtful comments even to those that aren’t very thoughtful or reasonable. He represents the type of blogger I would like to be.

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