Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thing # 11

As advertised: SUPER Simple! I see several very important ways this platform could benefit what I am trying to do in my present situation: 1) a way to expand my book “vocabulary” and let others help with the mental editing of what books to read and more importantly what NOT to read; 2) Connect with others with similar interests to not only have meaningful dialog, but to delve deeper into fundamentally difficult concepts or those misunderstood; 3) Professional networking with like-minded colleagues and to build bridges with those who “appear” not like minded; 4) Create yet another layer of web presence to communicate with students and have students communicate/collaborate with each other AND in the worldwide neighborhood. Check out my Library Thing Profile It was in browsing the Groups that I could "see" the professional development and student engagement angles. I joined the Library Thing for New Members and the Non-Fiction groups to learn more about the most efficient ways to use it AND so I can possibly curb my purchases of books based on thoughtful reviews/comments.

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