Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thing # 22

I was introduced to Ning a few years ago with the We Are Teachers initiative. Upon joining each member created their own page within the WAT network. The benefits of this platform over multiple Blogger blogs is that all pages within a single Ning “network”, while they can be individual in terms of design and layout are within ONE site. The problem with Ning is that as of July 20th, it is no longer free. I created one anyway and will gladly pay the $20 per year for a 150 member limited Ning. After I made that decision, I discovered that educators can get this same mini-Ning paid for by the fine folks at Pearson Publishing. I would have my students create their own pages and assign the creation and posting of products along the 23 Things model. Although multiple blogs or wikis can be easily linked, something in my Overworked-by-October-Teacher psyche tells me that having a very cool, adaptable and Central storage site will be a very good thing.
Although, I set it up to be private, please feel free to ask for an invite to Whole Brainers!

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  1. Keep checking on We Are Teachers - I've had several of my teachers win a flip camera through writing one of the micro grant.
    I'm sad that Nings will start will make it not such good resource...keep on treking